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August 27, 2010

Underwater Video Tips & Tricks From a Pro

Becky Kagan, Owner of Liquid Productions, LLC, recently posted a super-helpful video on underwatervideography.com that highlights video techniques -- plan your shots before getting into the water.

One of the techniques she highlights is getting video of subjects from multiple angles and distances -- wide, medium and tight. For me, that's been a difficult yet rewarding lesson to learn. On a recent dive trip to Maui, I camea cross a white tip reef shark. Worried I wouldnt get any video of it at all, I simply turned on my Canon 7D, adjusted the apperature and ISO and hit record. The result was a three-minute long video of the sharks backside.

Reviewing the video that evening I realized I'd blown the shot. When I came across a green sea turtle the next day, I took my time, shot it from multiple angles and distances. The resulting video is much more appealing.

I hope you're able to learn something new from the video.

Posted by jroualdes at August 27, 2010 02:48 PM