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July 21, 2008

Sharkwater Movie is WELL worth watching!!

Hello everyone!

We watched a movie today that I HIGHLY recommend. It will blow your mind! I've seen hundreds of sharks during my diving career, and one of the reasons I don't like to repeat trips is because oftentimes I'm disappointed in the decline of the oceanlife. Galapagos is an example. After watching this movie, I was very upset. I LOVE that place, but I'm scared to go back and see for myself the decline in the shark population. While we were there in 1996, we witnessed an illegal fishing boat filled with shark fins. That was one boat in one location in one hour of one day. Those criminals are devastating our oceans, our planet! That was something I will never forget, and I know it goes on all the time, but I'd prefer it didn't! So ... PLEASE take a few moments and check out the website: www.sharkwater.com. Please rent it if you see it in stores. Netflix has it. It's worth every dime and every second it takes to watch it. It will change how you feel about sharks and our oceans. As scuba divers, water is the one thing that bonds us all together. Let's join together and save our oceans!

Thank you,

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