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January 02, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Well, here it is ... 2008 already. Let me begin by wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy, happy new year filled with lots of excellent diving possibilities!

My, how time flies! It seems like only last weekend I was diving at Loch Low-Minn doing the Haunted Night Dive. Ok, I must have been stuck in a time warp or something because it's been since then that I've posted anything! My bad!

I'm not a fan of New Year's Resolutions because all too often they are broken within days of making them. But, if we make reasonable resolutions then maybe ... just maybe we can actually keep them!

I chose today to add to my blog for a number of reasons ... it's 2008 ... I'm home sick with a horrible cold today ... and I've been slacking on writing!

2008 will be a great year ... I can feel it. A new year represents new birth and new beginnings. Events happen, lives change, jobs change, relationships change. These things can change within a blink of an eye and often we can do nothing to alter the event, leaving us to adapt to the consequences. Being more positive and upbeat will help. Looking at the good always helps.

2008 will be a great year ... For diving, as well. Take some time and look at a map and research areas of interest. Talk to dive shops and dive travel specialists and local dive experts. Those are the very best sources of information about dive locations. I love to travel and I love to dive. That combination makes dive travel a natural interest for me. I will make an effort to add to our "Places" page as often as I can. 2007 was not a good year for dive travel for me, as I didn't go out of the country even once. I did, however, go dive Lake Tahoe with Conrad to do reviews of dive cameras and that was a lot of fun! If you ever get the opportunity to dive there, we both recommend going ... but take a thick wetsuit or get trained in drysuit and get plenty of practice in before you go!

I'm home sick with a horrible cold today. I almost NEVER get sick, but here I am with a cold. I don't know where I got it, but I'm sure I got it because of lack of sleep and the added stress of the Holidays. Making a resolution to maintain good health is an excellent idea. Maintaining good health is optimum for diving as well. Eat foods that are good for you and low in the bad stuff that can cause health issues later on down the road. Get plenty of rest. We all need a certain amount of sleep each day, and I am going to do better at getting more sleep. Taking time for quiet time during the day is good for our health as well. I plan on taking time during my lunch hours at work each day to get a few moments of "Carol" time. Lower your stress level however you can, including simplifying your life and surroundings. Getting rid of clutter helps! Exercising more to keep in good cardio condition, swimming, and diving frequently will help each and every one of us be better divers. The only way to be a great diver and maintain a high comfort level is to dive frequently. Oftentimes my past students tell me they'd like a little time in the pool to refresh their skills. I have no problem with them returning to the pool during my pool sessions and refreshing their skills a little. If fact, I urge them to do so! Besides them getting more comfortable, coming back as a certified diver and watching students might just get them fired up about furtherung their diving career.

And, finally, I have been rather slack on making contributions to this blog. I vow to do better in 2008. Do me a favor, gang, and send me emails on what you'd like to see added to our site, ok? We want to know what YOU all want to learn about!

Ok, it's time for me to go rest again. I'm dringing orange juice and eating chicken noodle soup ... Any other remedies I'm forgetting? :-)

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